Raphael Varane’s thoughts on France v Spain on Tuesday

Q: Are you excited about playing against Spain? 

A: “Of course! Once you’ve worn your country’s shirt, you want to do so again, as soon as possible. And even more so, against a team like Spain.” 

Q: Do you think Spain are less motivated than before? 

A: “No. This team has won the last two Euros and a World Cup. I know a lot of their players and they are just as motivated as they were before.” 

Q: Have you spoken with your Madrid teammates about this game? 

A: “Not yet, but I’m sure Sergio Ramos and I will rib each other about it soon enough!” (laughs) 

Q: What are the difference between Mourinho and Deschamps? 

A: (Laughs) “They are different! Each has their own character but I still do not know Deschamps so well. I need more time to be able to speak about his character.” 

Q: Is it true that Mou told you not to do individual interviews over these few days? 

A: “Yes. The coach wants to protect me from the media pressure, because I’m only 19. It’s normal. Mourinho instills a lot of confidence within me and demands a lot from me. It’s incredible to have the opportunity to play at this level at the age I am.” 

Q: Benzema hasn’t scored for France. Does this put more pressure on him? 

A: “He’s under pressure, yes, but Karim is used to this pressure and he knows how to play with it. Despite it being a difficult time for him, we have a lot of confidence in him and there is absolutely no doubt about the quality he possesses.”

March 25, 2013  +216
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