Someone stop Petr Cech, he’s out of control

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13/06/13 Brazil - Jesus Navas at press conference

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What is love?imagebaby dont hurt meimagedont hurt me….imageno more…… image

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On wearing the Real Madrid shirt
“It’s the greatest thing for any footballer; to pull on the Madrid shirt, and defend the club crest (…) It’s a great honour to wear this shirt. It demands responsibility and discipline.”

On not playing the CL final
“All of us who were not out on the pitch really suffered. I expected to suffer, but not that much! As it turned out, there’s probably no better way of suffering. It was the greatest feeling.” x

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Claudio Marchisio: selfies appreciation (x)

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Marcos Rojo's sister with some of the team.
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"Großkreuz rück den Döner raus!" - Julian Draxler

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